Ways to Serve



There are many women who’d like to attend Friendship International of Austin but are unable to because they do not have transportation, live far away or are unable to drive. It’d be a huge blessing to these women if you could drive them to Friendship International of Austin each week.


We’d gladly welcome any donations you’re willing to give to help cover the costs of the Friendship International of Austin program. Also, if you find gifts that a woman would appreciate as you shop we welcome your donations! We’re always looking for more door prizes to give away at our meetings.



We could always use more teachers and co-teachers. We also welcome your ideas for new classes to offer if there’s something you specialize in that’s not listed on our classes page.


We love to spend time together around the refreshments table at the beginning of each of our meetings and gobble up cookies. We’d love your donation of baked goods (they can also be store-bought).