Friendship International of Austin (FIA) provides a wonderful childcare program for your children while you attend class. Every week the children have the opportunity to interact with children of different nationalities during story, music, craft, and outdoor play.
We welcome children every Thursday that FIA meets. We kindly ask that you do not bring sick children to prevent the spread of illnesss ot the other children. All children must have current vaccinations. 
Children should be between the ages of 2 and 4 years old (age at September 1st of this year).
The cost is $5 per week per family. Please bring cash.
Suggestions for what to include in a backpack/diaper bag are: Diapers, wipes, comfort item, change of clothes, sippy cup/bottle and snack (although we also provide snacks).
Registering your child for the childcare program is easy. Come to Hyde Park and enter through the South entrance. Our welcome table has registration forms to sign up your child. We can give a brief tour, answer questions, explain weekly sign in procedures and show you to your child’s classroom. 
If you have any children you’ll be bringing please let us know here.